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My name is Tim Shackelford and my sobriety date is June 10, 1985.  Serenity Shack isn't some big corporation and has no board of directors.  It's just me.  In April 2021, my wife and I moved into senior apartments and instead of selling our house we turned it into Serenity Shack, a men's sober living house.   

I've lost two brothers and a son to drugs and alcohol.  I don't want my story to end that way nor yours.  If you're serious about recovery, you'll think I walk on water.  If you still want to see what you can get away with, you'll think I'm an ass.  

If you need to be prodded to go to meetings, I'm the wrong guy for you.

If you need to be told to pick up behind yourself, the fit won't be right.

If you're not willing to be inconvenienced a little to help a house mate, never mind.

If you need to be forced to get a job, you're not ready.

If you want to distance yourself from your old life, I'm your guy.

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