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Serenity Shack is a men's sober living house on the south side of Indianapolis, just east of Southport IN.  Ten beds in nine rooms, three full baths, a two car garage serves as the smoking area and the 16X28 patio was designed to seat 15 without lawn chairs.

$150 weekly includes everything but food and your toiletries.   Utilities, Wi-Fi, cable, TV, bedclothes, towels and washrags, dish soap, laundry soap, toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies.  Food and rent assistance are available.

No drugs, no alcohol, no firearms, no overnight guests.

Thursday mandatory meeting at 7:30 PM and one other weekly twelve step meeting, or church,  is required.  If Zoom, then two Zoom meetings.

We try to help addicted men help themselves and each other. 

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